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The China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) was established on October 13, 2011 with the approval of the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform. CFSA is a public health organization that is managed by a Steering Council which provides policy and general supervision.

As the national level technical institution in charge of food safety risk assessment, CFSA provides technical support for food safety risk management covering the entire food chain, i.e. “from farm to table”. CFSA not only advises the government on risk management matters, but also provides public information and science-based education on food safety issues for a range of audiences including consumers. CFSA also serves to address the scientific needs of innovative industrial development.

CFSA provides technical support for food safety risk management in order to promote food safety and protect public health. Under the Steering Council’s decision-making oversight, CFSA scientifically evaluates current and emerging food safety problems and provides risk assessments and other scientific advice in a timely manner. In addition, CFSA maintains constant food safety emergency surveillance and if a problem is identified provides scientific evaluation on the potential risks to public health, as well as advice on efficient and effective responses to the problem. Motivated by the protection of pubic health and domestic and international concerns, CFSA has launched an ambitious project to harmonize and consolidate the multitude of national food safety standards that had been established by different Chinese agencies.

In order to respond to consumer concerns, CFSA delivers accurate and timely food safety information, clarifying possible confusion and eliminating misunderstanding in public perception.

Employing the research capabilities of its advanced laboratories, CFSA focuses on the key problems in food safety risk surveillance, risk assessment, and tracing and alert of foodborne diseases, thus contributing to the effectiveness of China’s food safety program and playing a lead role in the various scientific areas supporting food safety.