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Major Duties

Risk assessment. To carry out the basic work for food safety risk assessment; to undertake specific tasks including the collection, processing and analysis of data, technical information and testing results; to prepare and submit risk assessment analysis reports to the China National Expert Committee of Food Safety Risk Assessment for review. Subsequent to approval by the National Expert Committee of Food Safety Risk Assessment, the National Health and Family Planning Commission will release the report to the public.

Risk surveillance. To undertake relevant technical work for risk surveillance, participate in related research, make proposals for national surveillance plans, and summarize and analyze surveillance information and data.

Food safety alert. To study and analyze food safety risk trends and patterns and detect emerging threats, and put forward risk alert advice to relevant departments, including suggestions for possible measures to control or reduce the risk to consumer’s health.

Risk communication. To carry out food safety information dissemination activities and risk communication to policy makers, risk managers, the industry, the media and the general public.

Research and training. To carry out relevant scientific research on food safety surveillance, risk assessment and communication, organize and conduct relevant professional training on food safety risk surveillance, assessment and communication at the national level.

Emergency response. To provide technical guidance and support for the emergency response to food safety incidents with the cooperation of China CDC.

Technical guidance. To provide operational guidance to branch centers and offer technical guidance to local institutions for risk assessment and appropriate risk management strategies.

Secretariat. To undertake the routine support for the Secretariats of the China National Expert Committee Food Safety Risk Assessment, the National Food Safety Standard Review Committee and the International Scientific Advisory Committee. CSFA also serves as the host for the Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA).