Food-related Products Standard System Has Made Great Progress

Updated:2015-04-10 Clicks:12687

Currently Chinese food-related products standard system is composed of nearly 400 standards, which may be allocated to four parts. This includes:

1. Horizontal standards,

2. Commodity standards,

3. Test methods and inspection standards,

4. Manufacturing practice standards.

Because shortcomings in the previous system, safety requirements were often confused with quality requirements. At times more than one standard covered a food-related product and in the worst cases, the standards were in conflict, which lead to confusion in implementation or supervision. In some cases, a food-related product was not covered and resulted in regulatory gaps.

According to the requirements of the Food Safety Law, there should be only a single mandatory National Food Safety Standard for each food-related product. Therefore, all food safety requirements in existing relevant standards for a food product must be integrated into one standard. Furthermore, food-related products lacking standards should be the subject of newly established standards. This formed the basis of the new food-related products safety standard system.

In 2013, a project to rationalize and integrate existing standards was organized by National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) and 265 food-related products standards with safety stipulations were identified and studied extensively. Currently, the framework of the food-related products standard system has been constructed and a series of safety standards are being drafted or in revision.

By the end of 2014, 4 standards have been passed by the National Food Safety Standard Committee and awaiting publication. These are:

1. General Principle of Migration Test for Food Contact Materials and Articles.

2. Manufacturing Practices for the Production of Food Contact Materials and Articles.

3. Nipple.

4. Detergents.

Besides these, another 12 standards such as Disinfectors, Plastic and Plastic Articles, Resins for Plastic and Standard for Use of Additives in Food Contact Materials and Articles (GB 9685) are in progress. In this regard, the latter standard, i.e. GB 9685 and General Safety Requirements of Food Contact Materials and Articles have been formulated to be horizontal standards. That is, they will apply to all types of food contact materials and articles.

By the end of 2015, as the standard-integration project finishes, the food-related products safety standard system will be basically completed and will ensure the safety of food-related products through the management of substances, safety indices of final products, and manufacturing process. It will greatly improve the managerial level of food safety and facilitate compliance of the regulations by industries compared to the previous standard system.

Five more standards, such as Printing Inks, Textile Fiber and Products and Lubricants, will be developed in the coming years. With this attention to the safety of food contact materials and articles, the construction of this system will be completed. It is expected that the National Food-related Products System will play a major role in the strengthening food safety management in China, facilitating the efficient and orderly development of relevant industries and protecting the health and well-being of consumers.