“Ecology – Food Safety- Risk Prevention and Control” Seminar Held in Beijing

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The “ecology – food safety- risk prevention and control” seminar was recently held in Beijing by CFSA, along with the environment department of Renmin University and UIB. More than 40 experts and managers from the ecology department of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES), Harbin Medical University, Wuhan University, and Nankai University attended this seminar. CFSA associate director Mr. Ning Li hosted the seminar.

Dean of the environment department of Renmin University Dr. Zhong Ma, CFSA chief scientist Mr. Yongning Wu, Prof. Xiufang Li from Nankai University, CEO of UIB Mr. Xiaoping Chen respectively made reports on environmental safety, food safety, risk prevention and control as well as insurance.

Experts deeply discussed over how to construct “ecology – food safety- risk prevention and control” system to improve the new cooperative food safety management system in China. Dean of the law school of Renmin University Dr. Dayuan Han said that the Chinese ruling idea had evidently changed and focused more on humanism while achieving development. The economic and technological development is more meaningful only when people’s health and safety are insured. Technology and law are very important for solving environment and food safety problems. Dean of the environment department of Renmin University Dr. Zhong Ma indicated that environmental contamination was the top source of food safety risks. It’s significant to control food safety risks from environmental sources. To insure environment safety and food safety, it’s crucial to design a correct mechanism and a consistent evaluation system. CEO of UIB Mr. Xiaoping Chen believed that constructing an urban risk management system and an urban risk management evaluation system was revolutionary for China’s urban management. Insurance as an auxiliary mean for societal risk management is actively involved in urban risk prevention and management including food safety prevention and control. It elevates urban management system, cuts down management cost and share social responsibilities. UIB as a part of the insurance industry will play an important role in doing so.

CFSA director general Mr. Jinfeng Liu stated that ensuring food safety required the government, technical institutions, enterprises, social groups and consumers all to cooperatively participate in managing food safety. Through protecting ecology, managing food safety and health risks, we can protect consumers’ health. He believed that it was important to have a well-designed system, yet professional technical institutions and social groups should also actively assist the government to explore new food safety technical support mechanisms, update core technologies and improve capacity building. He suggested that we use risk management knowledge to find out the sources and the categorization of food safety risks. To improve risk management and prevention, we should also collect and share basic data of environmental contamination and food safety, as well as rely on the insurance mechanism to control and prevent risks.