CFSA Held World Health Day Open Day

Updated:2015-08-14 Clicks:19963

Food safety is a top concerning in the world and a global public health challenge. For this reason, WHO set the theme of World Health Day as food safety this year. CFSA under the guidance of National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) and China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) held the World Health Day Open Day on April 7th 2015.

WHO officer Mrs. Mei Hua, the director of the food department from NHFPC Mr. Zhi Su and the deputy inspector of the food inspection department from CFDA Mr. Sanhu Wang attended the ceremony.

Mr. Zhi Su indicated that food safety was a crucial part of public health; it directly connected to our health and life quality. Health departments at all levels are responsible for setting standards, assessing risk and foodborne illness. Food safety is a goal of society and a basic right for everybody. To insure people having healthier and safer food, each department and social organization should work hand in hand with the public to achieve this goal.

Mr. Sanhu Wang expressed that the “food safety five points” was an effective food safety measure and was significant for regulating food production and operation as well as guiding home cooking. CFDA and WHO have spread this idea in the form of animation in order to more effectively guide consumers and food production operators to be aware of food safety risk and value food safety.

WHO officer Mrs. Mei Hua indicated that the “food safety five points” covered basic principles of food processing and preparation, which should be learned by everyone to prevent foodborne illness. Simple actions like washing hand, cooking thoroughly and refrigerates food can play an immediate effect. The event also launched ceremony for the animation making of the “food safety five points”.

The deputy director of CFSA’s division of foodborne diseases surveillance Mr. Yunchang Guo introduced some basic knowledge related to foodborne diseases and the current foodborne disease surveillance system in China. He believed that China overemphasized chemical contamination and overlooked microbial contamination; overemphasized the detection of final product excess population surveillance and overlooked the effect of microbial cause foodborne illness. In the future, we should increase monitoring as well as the cooperation with the public health departments and medical institutions in order to improve foodborne disease outbreaks traceability.

The open house has attracted more than 100 reporters and consumers. Food safety experts exchanged information with consumers and addressed questions raised by reporters.