WHO Collaborating Centre for Food Contamination Monitoring (China)

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China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment has been designated as the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Food Contamination Monitoring (China) by WHO since 2012. Herein is in information on the Collaborating Centre

Director / Head:
Professor & Dr Yongning Wu
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China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA)


Last Redesignation:


Date of Discontinuation:

Terms of Reference:

1.To participate in the WHO Global Environment Monitoring System/Food Contamination Monitoring & Assessment Programme (GEMS/Food) by providing monitoring data on levels of emerging chemical contaminants as well as persistent organic pollutants (POPs), pesticides, heavy metal, & mycotoxins in Chinese food & total diet. To provide national results from individual food consumption survey as well as expertise for the interpretation of these results.

2.To cooperate with other collaborating centres participating in GEMS/Food by information exchange on activities of the institution related to the prevention, monitoring, control, exposure & health assessment of chemical contaminants in food.

3.To provide, as resources permit, training, advisory services & other cooperation with the National GEMS/Food Centers (NGCs) for strengthening their food contamination monitoring & assessment capabilities.

4.Where possible, to provide expertise & support in all aspects of successful total diet studies.

5.To cooperate in the development of a regional system for the surveillance of chemical contamination of food to provide an early warning of serious natural, inadvertent or intentional contamination of the food supply and to provide assistance, as resources permit, in the event of such incidents of international public health significance.