Food Safety Laboratorial Technology and Management Training Program Successfully Launched

Updated:2015-07-28 Clicks:13446

In order to enhance China’s food safety risk assessment ability and laboratorial analysis ability, incorporate international advanced experience and accelerate the process of bringing up high-end professionals on food safety in China, CFSA and University of Maryland co-hosted the food safety laboratorial technology and management training program in the U.S. from June 4th to June 22nd in 2015. Twelve technical experts from CSFA attended this program.

This program consisted of three workshops with different training concentrations.The general food safety risk assessment workshop focused on food safety risk analysis. By learning theories and practicing drills, attendants systematically learned a lot about food safety risk management, risk assessment, risk communication and risk assessment epidemiological investigation ability. The other two workshops were the chemical contaminator detecting technology workshop and food borne pathogen whole genome sequencing workshop, respectively focusing on chemical contaminator laboratorial detecting technology and food borne microbiological detecting technology. These two workshops incorporated laboratorial practice and theory learning to help attendants master skills of preparing food samples, conducting gas chromatography and liquid chromatography, genomes sequencing, fixing malfunctions as well as RNA sequencing. There were 18 professionals and experts from America’s Food and Drug Administration, Environment Protection Agency, University of Maryland, Rutgers University and industrial practitioners co-instruct this training. During the training, CFSA attendants actively interacted with instructors and attendants from other countries, earnestly participated in group studies, courageously raised personal opinions and questions. American co-organizers of this program highly praised CFSA attendants’ keen enthusiasm in learning.

By attending this program, CFSA attendants have learned a lot about advanced food safety risk assessment laboratorial technology and risk management philosophies. This program helped them broaden their visions, enhance their professional skills and lay foundation for future food safety technical support work.