CFSA Director General Mr. Jinfeng Liu Invited to Communicate Food Safety Risk Assessment and Regulation with Frontline Food Safety Managers

Updated:2015-08-14 Clicks:20058

CFSA director general Mr. Jinfeng Liu was invited to Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University to communicate food safety risk assessment and control with more than 50 district and county leaders as well as food safety managers in Leshan city, Sichuan Province on May 11th 2015.

Mr. Jinfeng Liu made a further discussion with students on food safety collaborative regulation, food safety risk management, and the CFSA function of food safety technology. He suggested that China need to probe a synergistic way regulate food safety issues, in which way the government, technical institutions, food enterprises, society and consumers can all join the food safety management. Through ecological environment management, food safety management and health risk management, we can protect the health of consumers.

Mr. Jinfeng Liu emphasized although food safety risk could not be eradicated yet it could be effectively controlled by risk management. It is necessary to strengthen food safety management from the system, supervision, society, technical support - risk monitoring, evaluation, criteria, and basic research, information technology to have effective risk management. He also stressed that the risk assessment was a crucial part of the Chinese food safety system and a core technology that transforms risk management, scientific research to governmental advice for risk management. In short, risk assessment is the foundation of risk management measures.

Mr. Jinfeng Liu also pointed out that CFSA was the only national institution that has professional technology. CFSA is continuing to implement the idea of “three serve”: serve to the government by managing food safety risks, serve to the public by promoting educational information and serve to the food industry by proposing innovative modes of development. Besides, it strives to become a technical center of intelligent database, decision-making consulting, technology innovation, guidance, information exchange of food safety on risk monitoring, providing assessment and alert, and communication. CFSA will follow international trends and enhance food safety technical service competency based on the needs of China situation. The goal of CFSA is to enhance food safety monitoring, protect public health and promote healthy development of the food industry. CFSA is constructing a management system consisting of risk monitoring – assessment- standard – disease, which is centered on CFSA and supported by regional technical institutions and societal professional technical support. This new system can improve the identification for unknown food safety risks and the ability of foodborne illness control, decrease damage to public health and social burdens. Ultimately, it strives to promote the overall food safety by addressing foodborne diseases at points of source.

Finally, he hoped that by perfectioning the executive system of food safety management, a food safety system that is based on science, law, education and public health could be set up. Besides, the expected food safety system should also incorporate improving environmental safety, ecology safety, food safety nutrition, disease prevention and increasing communication and collaboration with various areas. With these measures, China may build a new modernized food safety control system.