Progress in follow-up evaluation of National Food Safety Standards

Updated:2021-12-30 Clicks:1221

The Food Safety Law stipulates that administrative departments of public health of the people's governments at or above the provincial level shall, together with the food safety supervision and administration departments and agricultural administration departments at the same level, conduct follow-up evaluations of the implementation of the national and local food safety standards respectively, and timely revise the food safety standards based on the evaluation results.The follow-up evaluation of standards is an important link to implement the requirements of "the most rigorous standards". The deficiencies of standard system and problems of specific standards can be found and amended in time.

Under the organization of the National Health Commission, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment has set up "standards follow-up evaluation platform" on its official website to carry out follow-up evaluations of National Food Safety Standards.In 2020, 19,053 questionnaires on National Food Safety Standards were collected through the normal and special follow-up evaluation platform. Through detailed analysis of the questionnaires, the problems found are timely reflected in the standard establishment, drafting, revision,publicity and training. And the role of standards follow-up evaluations in improving the national food safety standards system is fully utilized. At present, CFSA is carrying out a summary of the follow-up evaluation of food safety standards in 2021, and we welcome comments form all sectors of society on the follow-up evaluation of standards.