“Food For Special Medical Purposes and Clinical Nutrition Support” Seminar Held by CFSA

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The 12th National Nutritional Science Conference was held in Beijing at the national convention center on from May 16th to 18th, 2015. More than 2000 representatives from fields of nutrition, food science and agricultural attended the conference and shared research progress in the nutrition field. This conference consisted of 39 special seminars. CFSA hosted the “food for special medical purposes and clinical nutrition support” special seminar.

The newly revised Food Safety Law has listed food for special medical purposes in the special food category, legally recognizing food for special medical purposes as food. In light of this legal background, the “food for special medical purposes and clinical nutrition support” seminar has attracted a lot of attention and unexpected amounts of participants.

CFSA deputy director general Mr. Weixing Yan presided the opening ceremony. The ceremony has invited China FDA Food Safety Supervision Department I director Mr. Chunliang Ma and chief staff Mrs. Wei Yu, National Health and Family Planning Commission Food Department director Mrs. Jiao Xu and other experts.

During this meeting, CFSA researcher Mrs. Junhua Han firstly introduced the standard system and management situation of food for special medical purposes, which was followed by a splendid report of clinical application and how to conduct clinical test of special food addressed by Dr. Jianchun Yu, Dr. Wei Chen, Dr. Weixin Cao, Dr. Yumei Qi and Dr. Alma Nauta from Holland. After the report, attendants hotly communicated on how to pinpoint this type of food and how to achieve a better clinical effect. Mr. Chunliang Ma answered questions regarding commercial management of this food such as registration, production and sales.