The 47th CCFA Conference Held in Xi’an

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The 47th Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA) conference was held in Xi’an from March 23rd to 27th 2015. More than 260 representatives from 51 countries and 1 organization (EU) have attended the conference. The conference was held by CFSA and it was the ninth time that CCFA conference was presided in China. CFSA’s chief advisor and the Chairman of CCFA Dr. Junshi Chen hosted the conference. The deputy director general of National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) Mr. Xiaotao Jin attended and addressed at the opening ceremony.

Mr. Xiaotao Jin said that the Chinese government has always paid great attention to food safety that Chairman Mr. Jinping Xi has made instructions on inspection conference several times and Premier Mr. Keqiang Li has expressed explicitly stricter requirements for insuring food safety. NHFPC has performed its duties very well, strengthened food safety standards, cleaned up nearly 5000 food safety standards and constituted 492 national standards. It also has finished the entire integration task, covered basic requirements for every aspect of Chinese food safety control and primarily constructed Chinese national food safety standard system. He indicated that the food safety problem was one of the key global challenges and CFSA had greatly contributed to protecting consumers’ health, maintaining global food trading fair as well as supporting food safety management in China and globally. China is ready to work with other countries in participating the work of CCFA and protecting consumers’ health all over the world and promoting international food safety.

The conference focused on discussing food additives list, quality specification of food additives as well as secondary food additives assessed prior by GSFA, INS, JECFA. China, as the host country for this conference, would determine to set up an open platform for international cooperation and communication in the food additives managing area.

21 representatives from the NHFPC, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, the general administration of quality supervision, CFDA, Food Bureau, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and Macao Civil Affairs Department have attended the conference. The deputy director of the food department of NHFPC Mr. Zhiqiang Zhang served as the head of the delegation.