Food Safety Research Unit of Chinese Academy of Medical Science (2019RU014)

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Mainresearch areas

Aiming at risk assessment of the health effects of food hazards, the unit conducts exposure characterization and transnational toxicology studies, food-borne disease early warning and etiology tracing, food-borne pathogenic bacteria resistance to antibiotics and food allergy epidemiology.

Mainresearch contents

1) Food contaminant exposome analysis and total diet study, non-targeted screening of food chemical hazards.

2) Traditional fermented food hazards identification and characterization techniques.

3) Development of new techniques in translational toxicology based on systems biology.

4) Foodborne disease surveillance, traceability and early warning techniques.

5) Antibiotic resistance surveillance and detection techniques.

Goals and expected results

With the goal of entering the developed world in terms of food safety standards, the unit aims to explore the scientific issues of the impact of food contamination on human health at the international frontier, to innovate in the field of hazard exposure characterization and translational toxicology, to reach international advanced levels in food hazard exposure assessment, analytical characterisation and foodborne disease monitoring and tracing, to become a national platform for food safety research and innovation, talent training, discipline building and academic exchange, and to support the scientific requires of risk assessment for the most stringent standards.


The research team is at the forefront of international research on total diet research, foodborne disease traceability, food and packaging additives and contaminant standards development in China. In the past five years, it was awarded 11 patents for inventions and published 395 academic papers, including JAMA and the Lancet Infectious Diseases; it was awarded the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the US Pharmacopoeia Commission Award for Outstanding Contribution to Standards.