The GB standard for Infant and follow-up formula was published

Updated:2021-11-01 Clicks:1241

The China National food safety standard <Infant Formula >(GB 10765-2021),<Follow-up Formula for Older Infants> (GB 10766-2021) and <Follow-up Formula for Young Children>(GB10767-2021)have been published in 22 Feb 2021, and will be implemented in 22 Feb 2023.

There is scientific consensus that breast milk is the preferred food for all health infants. But the infant and follow-up formula products are the important foods for the baby without breastmilk feeding.

These three revised standards, are the national mandatory standards in China. The GB 10765-2021 applies to infant formula (for use from birth to <6 months of age), the GB 10766-2021 and GB 10767-2021 apply to follow-up formula for older infants (for use from 6 months to<12 months ) and follow-upformula for young children (for use from12 months to<36 months ) respectively.

These three standards contain definition, compositional,safety and labelling requirements for each product. This reviewing is based on the latest global scientific evidences, more importantly, the recent researches on Chinese breastmilk and findings of Chinese infants and children are referred and conducted. The new standards, especially new compositional requirements will bring safer and more suitable products to promote the growth and development of infants and young children.

The revised standards can be download by