National Food Safety Standard Review Committee’s 11th Director Conference Was Held

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The National Food Safety Standard Review Committee’s (SNSRC) 11th director conference was held in Beijing on February 11th, 2015. The director general of National Health And Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) Mrs. Bin Li attended and made a speech at the conference. NHFPC deputy director and SNSRC vice chairman Mrs. Xiaotao Jin hosted the conference and chief technical support Dr. Junshi Chen hosted the review of food safety national standard. Representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China Food and Drug Administration, Bureau of Food and other departments were invited to attend the meeting.

Mrs. Bin Li affirmed that food safety standard setting has achieved remarkable results, but there was no time for lacking to complete new food safety standards tasks in 2015, fulfilling requirements from the State Council. Mrs. Bin Li appreciated committee members’ devotion to food safety work since the establishment of SNSRC five years ago. She expressed wishes that members continue on practicing disciplines, taking responsibilities and playing the right role in guiding and improving the quality of standard review.

Mr. Xiaotao Jin conveyed the spirit of the second conference of the food safety board of the State Council. NHFPC Food department reported the progress of converging food safety national standards. The secretariat of the commission reported 2014 working progress.

The conference passed 304 drafts of food safety national standard proposed by different professional committees.

NHFPC and related departments have established and improved the food safety standard management system. They have also published 492 food safety national standards. Besides, they have achieved general food safety requirements for food contamination, pathogenic bacteria, food additives, pesticide residue, etc. More than 11,000 food safety indicators were obtained, supervising food safety from production to consumption.

After 5 years of construction, the national food safety standard assessment framework and the mechanism framework have harmonized with international trends. The scientific foundation for national food safety standard work has been greatly improved, exerting greater global impacts. It plays a key role in insuring consumers’ health and promoting healthy development of the food industry.