The second meeting of chemical hazards sub-committee of national food safety risk assessment expert committee was held

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On May 27, the second plenary meeting of the Chemical Hazards Sub-committee of the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Expert Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Risk Assessment Committee") was held in the forms of online and offline. More than 40 participants attended the meeting, including the members of the chemical hazard sub-committee, specially-invited committee members, the staffs from some project working groups and secretariat of the Risk Assessment Committee. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Wu Yongning, the chief director of the Assessment Committee and chairman of the chemical hazard Sub-committee.

Wang Zhutian, the deputy director general of CFSA, pointed out that the risk assessment results are the basis for the formulation and revision of food safety standards. The preliminary risk assessment had provide solid scientific support for the work of relevant food standards. He hoped that the risk assessment committee could continue to play a more important role in further risk assessment work, to ensure the scientificity and reliability of the risk assessment and promote the further application of risk assessment results in the food standard formulation and revision.

Risk assessment reports on chloropropanol esters and glycidyl esters in vegetable oils and fatty foods were reviewed at the meeting. Academician Chen Junshi, chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Risk Assessment Committee, and other participants proposed modification suggestions to the reports. The Secretariat was required to cooperate with working group members to revise the technical reports and submit the approved reports torisk managers according to the procedures. In addition, Wu Yongning introduced the newly revised risk assessment principles and methods of FAO/WHO at the beginning of the meeting.